Inspirational Monday

The pathway you think is difficult, isn't as difficult as you think.
Just as you are about to give up, take a step back, breathe and visualize your goals.
Challenges are meant to be challenging. Remember it's just a matter of perception.
Back in the rut hoping for 36 hours a day. Going back on our wheels. 
Up next, DESTINATION beautiful.  


IT was just little over a year ago where my appreciation and love towards lingerie escalated. As a woman with shy (not so apparent) curves, I have always been generous with lingerie and 'under-business'. Society could see it the other way because FRANKLY speaking what is there to support. AS a 25-year-old, I clearly understand what role a bra plays in a woman's life. Investing in lingerie is my version of boosting self-confidence and value just like wearing an understated power suit. 

STAYING in has become a favorite activity since joining the quarter-life bandwagon. An ideal evening now involves a bottle of red wine and latest movie on Netflix. Cozy up with a special someone underneath our fleece blanket wearing my favorite lingerie and soft cotton T draping over for comfort is what I perceive to be more valuable than a night out in town. Not sure what's sexier. THE fact that I have a lace panty on or the powerful yet sensual energy that we've created. 

Growing into womanhood made me rethink self-appreciation and sense of self-value.
Put on your favorite lingerie. Rule your world and don't hold back.
Here I am, trying to be a woman with FIERY HOT personality in her tuxedo pants.
My future husband better be prepared for me walking around the house with lace panties on.
Here are some really good intimates that can sauce up your day.
Till then, stay powerful & sexy.



Finding the right engagement ring can often be a rather complex task. If you want to simplify the process, however, you should think seriously about going for a vintage option. Vintage engagement rings offer so many advantages. They make great choices for people who are interested in antique jewellery that has a lot of significance.


1. Pay Attention to All the Details

Buying the right vintage engagement ring calls for more than simply selecting the one that looks the best to you. It's also important to focus on practical details. Examples of these details include ring size and your budget. Vintage engagement rings can be quite affordable. There are also many, however, that are on the costly side. It's also critical to pay attention to ring sizes. If you focus on these things, you should be able to narrow down all of your options significantly. This should make locating the ideal ring a much easier and more streamlined task.

2. Consider Your Partner's Personality and Interests

You shouldn't simply aim to select the most eye-catching or visually appealing vintage engagement ring you encounter. Make a point to pick out a vintage engagement ring that's 100 percent in line with your significant other's personality and interests. Ask yourself if your significant other prefers simplistic or more elaborate styles. Don't forget that this engagement ring is something that will stay in his/her heart and mind forever. That's why you should go above and beyond to purchase one that reflects who he/she is as an individual. Buy one that gives you a sense of destiny!


3. Think About Trends

If you're looking for a vintage engagement ring for a guy/gal who is all about the latest fashion crazes, you should think about existing trends. Victorian rings that feature yellowish-gold coloring are a la mode lately. There are many other ring styles that are chic at the moment, too. Assess all of the existing trends you come across. Assess more timeless and classic styles, too. This can help you choose an engagement ring that will surely dazzle your significant other. Kalmar Antiques offer vintage diamond engagement rings that are trendy and enduring at the same time.

Don't Rush the Process. It's critical to refrain from rushing the vintage ring selection process. If you make an impulsive decision, you could end up regretting it further on down the line. Take things slowly. Think about what your partner truly loves and give him/her time to find the perfect one. Your partner will appreciate your effort and care. Nothing matters more than that. Happy Engagement Love x