The Bomber Factor

. SheIn Bomber .  Michael Kors Watch [similar] . Vans Sneakers [similar] .

.Inner badass Unleashed.

"Found 1000 other blogger dudes styling them in a hundred different ways. Perhaps it's time for us ladies to take over the trend." - nerd -

They said it's sexy to wear your man's clothes. Haven't identified who my man is but I'm all about the understated sexiness too.
I've always loved a good fusion of tough yet feminine pieces, bringing out a woman's masculine side without losing her true identity.
Let it be a sleeveless blazer, denim shirt or structured bag. There is something special about incorporating stronger accents into an outfit.
I've been on a hunt for the perfect Bomber but none suited my smaller frame especially around the shoulder area.
This FABULOUS Bomber Jacket from Shein came to no surprise. Here's what I like about this Bomber Jacket:

. Well Crafted
. Sits Above the Bum
. Puffy Enough
. Beautiful Fabric
and comes in 3 gorgeous shades. Winner.

Went for this saucy Olive Green because I was told by Gigi Hadid that "Military Style "is going to be a hit this 2017 .
Can't wait to wear this to the airport and anywhere that sells coffee and doughnut.
Weekend uniform sorted. 
Have you tried the Bomber Jacket? How do you pair it with?

NOTE: Wanted to hide the mark on my thigh but since it's a mosquito bite from my recent vacation, please excuse whilst I keep it there for memory sake.

Nerd Travels . Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

BUSINESSMEN pacing through Shinsaibashi with a well-seasoned leather briefcase and a cup of coffee.

SHINSAIBASHI (心斎橋) and DOTONBORI  (道頓堀have always been associated together however we find Shinsaibashi Shopping Street such a stunner therefore it's definitely worth a standalone shout out right here on Real Life Nerd. An upscale and posh place with charming landscape and well maintained road-markings. I know right. Road markings. That's how weird I am. Glamorously strutted down the streets with hair in the face and boots clacking all the way. Love how busy yet quiet Shinsaibashi Shopping Street was. Covered with an array of luxury brands from Louis Vuitton, MCM, Hermès to fancy ass Tesla and Ferrari. If you have been to Germany, Shinsaibashi can be closely related to Kurfürstendamm, Berlin. Take a random turn into random back alleys and be swooned by the distinct amount of restaurants and small self-run businesses.

 "Checked my own reflection in the window displays picturing where I'd be in the future." -nerd-

How is year 2017 going so far? x

How Earrings Can Flatter Your Face Shape

BY NOW you must have figured out what style looks best on you. Let it be a classic V-neck, a shirt dress, old school sneakers or pointy pumps. You may not have the so-called 'perfect' figure but you know what flatters you. The same can be said for jewellery. This may come as a surprise to some women, who never take into account that a style and type of earrings can actually enhance your features based on individual face shape. 

ASIDE from that, how you usually wear your hair makes a huge part whilst selecting earrings as well. Do you wear it differently when you go out at night or for special occasions? On the other hand, if you’re looking for earrings for daily wear – and by daily wear, meaning its well suited for you in the business world or workout wear if you’re a personal trainer – do evaluate based on how you wear your hair majority of the time. An online site is a wonderful way shop at your convenience for beautiful selection for all occasions, . 

WRITER Christina Hamlett also did a research on “The History of Earrings” on [Have a look if you fancy!!] Her article examines history, function, types, size, warnings (!) and resources which you might want to read.  If you’re going to buy online, it’s always best to shop on a reputable retailer sites. You’ll find stunning pieces of designer silver jewellery which may be just what you want. With the tips and resources provided above, you’re sure to find the earrings that will complement with your face shape. 


* Diamond (distinctively wide cheekbones; narrow chin and forehead). Flattered with hoops or softly curved drops – a longer earring, but wider at the bottom. Length is good.
* Heart (widest at forehead, sharp chin). Looks best with earrings that are wider at the bottom. Experts recommend teardrop or chandelier.
* Square (same width forehead to jawline). Drop earrings with round accents. Oversized hoops work, too.
* Round (think: chubby cheeks, ears in middle). Best with long, narrow and angular earrings that go below the earlobe. You want to elongate your face. Avoid hoops and studs.
* Narrow (same width top to bottom, but narrow). Oversized round studs are great, short dangles and pearls flatter – you want to emphasize horizontal lines on your face.
* Oval (well balanced). Wear anything because this is the most balanced of all face shapes. The only caveat is to avoid earrings that are extra long. You’ll look best in ovals, teardrops and pearls. 

I think mine is Oval. What's yours?