What You Need To Know When Shopping For An Engagement Ring


A proposal of marriage is a massive step that a lot of people decide to make in their lives, and there can be a lot of pressure on you when planning how you are going to ask the question. One of the biggest decisions to make is on the purchase of the engagement ring, as you will want to choose a ring which is going to knock your future wife’s socks off! You can get some good advice on the Forbes website on purchasing an engagement ring that you may find useful. If you plan accordingly and shop around, you may just find the process is not as daunting as you first thought.

Know What She Wants

If you have discussed marriage in the past with your partner and looked at rings, you may already have a good idea of her taste in rings and know what she would like. If you are not sure though, you will want to try and discreetly speak to her friends and family and use their knowledge to help you decide what style of ring will have her feeling like a princess. Make sure that you only include friends and relatives that will be able to keep the secret, or your plans could lie in ruins. One of the most important things that you will need to know is what size her ring finger is, and by knowing this you can get a ring in the correct size so it fits like a glove from the moment you put it on her finger.

Shop Around

A quick search of the internet will show that there are more retailers selling diamonds and rings that you can shake a stick at. It is important to find a reputable jeweller who is fully accredited and is trusted within the industry. You can check out the Diamonds.co.nz diamond engagement rings in New Zealand, and other such retailers, who have built up a reputation of offering quality jewellery at affordable prices, as well as exceptional service. When you are searching retailers make yourself a list of the most reputable ones that you find, and then contact each one and explain your requirements. You can then see what each has to offer and compare both the rings, as well as the prices.

Make sure that when you are choosing the ring that you prioritise what your partner prefers, and keep your taste out of the decision. Remember, if you want to make her feel like a princess and give her everything that she wants, her dream engagement ring is the first step in spending the rest of your life together, happy and contented. But dear husband to-be, don't forget that marriage isn't entirely about the ring but the life that both of you are ought to create together. Happy marriage! x


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"THE ARTISAN | Chloe is the Kuala Lumpur-based founder and stylist of Misty Bloom.Co, a creative studio with a niche in floral design. Misty Bloom.Co was created in 2016 out of Chloe's own obsession with flowers and designs. With an enticing and recognizable aesthetic, Chloe’s styling, creative direction and design, she wishes to bring back the classy act of flower giving and to create original concept for weddings, campaigns, event styling and interior deco" 



The owner of Misty Bloom is an architect by day and a flower ninja by night. Her dream is to share her passion to everyone by way of incorporating it into a business. Specializing in handcrafted bouquets and tablescapes, Misty Bloom is the ultimate one-stop-garden for parties, events and special days.


Nerd: What was the main reason behind starting up Misty Bloom?
Chloe: I wanted to blend my hobby into a business. There is a misconception that the two must be exclusive of one another. As an architect, one project could easily take months or even years to complete. But being a florist, a beautifully decorated bouquet can be done within hours. That is another level of satisfaction.

Nerd: What makes Misty Bloom different from other floral businesses in the industry?
Chloe: Misty Bloom offers flexibility at a very affordable price. Every bouquet is custom made and specifically designed. We encourage customers to share their stories & personal preferences when it comes to the theme, type of flowers and even colours. We try our best to compliment all customers' needs whilst working around the said budget without losing Misty Bloom's identity. We strive to make every special occasion a remarkable one.

Nerd: If you had a piece of advice to someone starting out, what would it be?
Chloe: You have nothing to lose for trying a different path in life. You will never stop doubting yourself when you run your own start up. There will be no guidance, timeline or to-do-list to lead you through. But when you do, don't give up because whenever you feel hardship, that's when you know you are moving up a steep learning curve. Learn to accept criticism and don't be afraid to talk to people from any walks of life. You will never know how they can contribute to your start up from every way.

Nerd: Being an architect, how do you cope with working as a creative person in the office and running a business? 
Chloe: My day job is quite flexible. Everything falls back to time management and I truly believe we can always make time for things we love.


Nerd: Heart-to-Heart, what do you have to say to anyone out there who is hesitant about flower gifting?
Chloe: I would like to tell them flowers are not a gift. It's a colourful reminder of your life. Why would you not want a nice reminder for yourself and for your loved ones daily? Girls should buy flowers for themselves too because flowers make you happy. Never wait for a man to make you happy. However, if they do, it's a bonus! If one learns how to appreciate flowers, he/she will learn to appreciate nature and colours in our surrounding :)

Nerd: Any last words for our readers?
Chloe: We have recently started a floral workshop focused mainly on handcrafting European style wrapped bouquets, floral table arrangements and wedding bouquets. I hope to revive a flower-crafting culture through this workshop also as an inspiration for ladies out there to include flowers as part of their hobby and life. Most importantly to feel the genuine happiness when we do something nice for our self. 


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