Literally the only club I go to at this old age of 25. Damn it. Big chunk of 2018 has gone by. I've devoured 7 books, aiming to finish 12 books by December, hoping Santa would consider me 'nice' and put that snazzy Rolex watch into my stocking. In order to make that happen, these are a few books we have sitting on my clothing rack. (because we have no bookshelf)


. Do Less, Get More ; Shaa Wasmund

. Simple Matters ; Erin Boyle

. Soulful Simplicity ; Courtney Carver

. Destination Simple ; Brooke Mcalary

. Goodbye Things ; Fumio Sasaki

We hope you are enjoying August so far.

Back to reading!
*elegantly picks up a book*


Review: Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Shampoo


Throwback to when I used to spend almost $30 (approx. RM100) on shampoo and conditioner monthly. In year 2016, my career canon-balled and I set myself a goal to achieve 'mini financial freedom in 5-years time'. Spending RM100 on hair care might not seem much to many but it made sense to save up back then and hair care was first on the chopping board. I knew where I wanted to spend on and I knew where I wanted to be. stopramblingjeez. With that said, I only use hair products that are silicon and paraben free.


What Is It

a botanical concoction of coriander seed, soya and coconut oil. the formula strengthens and REVITALIZES the feel of fragile hair. Infused with a fresh, invigorating aroma. No silicon, No Paraben and No colorants (fabulous!) the packaging is 100% recyclable and Made with 100% recycled plastic.

After using the Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Shampoo for 5 months now, I am ready to give my humble opinion. First of, I love the scent. A woody undertone which reminds me of free shower gel at a posh spa in Bali. The bottle feels sturdy and is slightly transparent which makes it easy to tell how much product is left. Also, the pump discharges perfect amount for one wash. Product label still looking smart as it initially was. I find labels that look half dissolved aesthetically unpleasing. A+ for the packaging.

At the back, it says "apply on wet hair, lather well before rinsing off with water" so that's what I did (just like every other shampoo). It foams up ever so slightly. Scalp feels 'minty' and clean after every wash. Shampooing has never been more enjoyable. I double cleanse on most days but not recently since Summer in Hunan is toasty and dry. Hair became noticeably drier so I aborted mission and went back to Plan A. My hair has never looked healthier.

Currently running on the 5th month and I still have 1/5 left! I reckon this could last me 6 months. Priced at RM34 essentially breaking down to RM5.70 per month. Bloody good deal. Mummy was a proud parent as I spent RM34 on a bottle of shampoo instead of cashing on a slice of fancy-ass cheesecake. Deeply considering trying different products from this range. Coriander strength potion?! Take my money. Bought mine from Tesco in Bangkok last Christmas. Fellow Malaysians can find it at all pharmacies nationwide.

Disclaimer: This shampoo was paired with Inecto Naturals Coconut Hair Treatment (fabulous product). So it could be the coconut and I'm totally making things up. Good lord.

Review: Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation


Before "committing'' (very serious relationship) to the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, I have tested out at least 15 foundation samples from various brands but all irritated my skin. Fussy-ass skin I know. Aside from not breaking me out, Laura Mercier has a range of shades catered towards yellow undertones which is undeniably wonderful. Haven't tried any new foundation in years until just recently when I was out of my usual and felt the need to try something slightly lighter in texture from the brand. Tested Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation at the counter and instantly felt in love with how beautiful my skin looked and how weightless it felt on the skin. I wear both in the shade 'Ivory' however Candleglow appears to be a tad lighter.

Lightweight creamy texture that doesn't cling onto dry patches. 

Medium coverage that lasts up to 8-10 hours with a primer. (on my skin)


Just a disclaimer, looking shiny is my jazz therefore no powder was used as per how I would wear this foundation. It feels like nothing on the skin, stays on all day looking fresh and does not rub off at all. I love how my skin looks healthy with a glow from within! Comes with a pump which is very handy but packaged in a semi see through glass bottle that would look great on a vanity but a pain for traveler like me. I use one pump on each side of the face and an extra pump for more coverage. One thing to mention is the scent. It does smell like straight up makeup which bothered me at first but thank-goodness it fades. I suggest giving it a good sniff at the counter if you have problems with scented products. Bought it from because it was out-of-stock in Malaysia and most counters were temporarily closed down, apparently Shiseido took over Laura Mercier and the brand will officially be back March 2018.  Flying back home very soon! Signing off x