Hua Hin

A mother-daughter excursion ended up being a family trip! (blame the word beer)
Before hopping onto the plane, I briefed everyone: Just eat (i.e. drink beer) and relax (i.e. get daily massages).
In my case, get as much sun as humanly possible before flying back to China.
Currently nipping as I’m drafting this post. #bloodywinter


Our stay at Norndee was fabulous. Travelling around the world means we go through all sort of accommodations, from budget bunk beds to fancy-ass hotels, very often seeing it as a temporary stopover but not somewhere we would go back to. Therefore, it was alarming when I told mum: I want to come back!


Santorini Park @ Cha-Am is a great place for taking outfit shots or pictures in general. However, if you are expecting more than that (like us), you’d probably be disappointed. Aside from small theme parks, sparingly scattered restaurants and repetitive shops, there isn’t anything else that could make up for the entire afternoon. (p.s. admission fee required) We spent an hour here before heading to Premium Outlet Cha-Am for retail therapy.


Hua Hin Station

Getting roasted in the sun was not part of the plan (as you can tell from the picture it was already 5pm) but we had a great time waiting for the train from Bangkok to stop by. Choo-choo.

Coconut Ice Cream

Mum said this was the BEST coconut ice cream she had so far. Bold statement. However, dad and I don’t fancy coconut processed anything (except for fresh coconuts) yet we find this deliciousss. Worth the trip to Wat Huay Mongkol just for ice cream. [Concoction: Coconut ice cream, kidney beans, glutinous rice, corn and nuts]


Mango top; No-Brand jeans; Lacoste hoodie; Converse sneakers; Coach handbag; North Face backpack

Hua Hin is the perfect place to simmer down. People were friendlier and more laid back compared to what we experienced at larger cities in Thailand. Even though Venezia Hua Hin and FN outlet both let us down, I would still go back with Mr. Valentine perhaps just a tweak in itinerary. Couple of days in Hua Hin and Cha-Am then 2 days in Bangkok? We shall see :)


Ho Chi Minh

Just over two months ago, we made a trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in hopes of taking a short break off work.
It was Mr. Valentine’s first time in HCM (my second!) so it was interesting to see how we both traveled with the same itinerary.
If we were to sum up the trip with only three words, it would be: Banh Mi, Pouring Rain and Banh Mi.
Wait. Did I repeat myself?

Lunch @ Rice Field

Rustic interior, delicious home-cooked Vietnamese cuisine and aesthetically pleasing tableware made up to a cosy afternoon. Blessing in disguise as we sheltered away from the pouring rain. No doubt one of THE best rice paper rolls we had in HCM. [Vegetarian options available]

Vietnamese breakfast combination we had almost every morning.
Rice vermicelli with eggs, fresh vegetables and lime drizzles. AND iced milk coffee.
Hidden gem in an alleyway, strategically situated below our Airbnb just right among where the locals live.


Pham Ngu Lao

We tried searching for a pub with less-loud music and minimal crowd but failed with disgrace. After a 15mins beer session, we left with greasy hair, wet clothing (it was raining) and realization that we no longer fit into the existing planet. [p.s. we bought beer from convenience store and stayed in watching Christmas films. Yes, in August.]

We wore a raincoat every day and did so much walking our feet were crying for assistance.
Travelling during the rainy season made us see how the Vietnamese doesn’t let the rain stop them from anything.
Literally, I mean selling barbecue in the rain.
A solid few days in Ho Chi Minh living life like the locals made us want to experience Vietnam even more.
Danang and Hoi An next?

Best National Parks In The Northern Territory

Image by dirkvanacker via Flickr

Image by dirkvanacker via Flickr


The Northern Territory in Australia has some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire country, and there are many national parks throughout the area that cater to both visitors and tourists. A list of all national parks in Australia is available online, and you can use this list to plan a trip to the Northern Territory. Here are some of the best parks in the Northern Territory that should be on your must-visit list.

Kakadu National Park

"Escape into Kakadu National Park and celebrate the beauty of the tropical landscape, and the local indigenous culture. Accommodation options range from wilderness safari retreats, cabins and campgrounds to truly a unique hotel that is shaped to look like a crocodile." - Kakadu Accommodation

There are much to see and do in Kakadu National Park, including spectacular scenery on display, abundance of wildlife, and the Rock Art created by one of the oldest living cultures on earth. We recommend booking a night in at Kakadu National Park accommodation for comfort, convenience and absolute fun. Join in the many Ranger-guided activities or go for a hike early next morning to keep the adrenaline flowing!


Yeperenye / Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park

Yeperenye / Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park is 10km East of Alice Springs and is called 'the' place for wildlife spotting. Spend a full day out in the wildlife to spot while you are out. As this is a historical site, do follow safety signs and stay on designated roads and tracks. Most importantly, stay safe and hydrated!


Barranyi (North Island) National Park
Image via

Image via


Barranyi National Park is a picturesque destination that involves white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. It is a people-favourite for hiking, boating and wildlife spotting activities. Besides those, there are also camping facilities available which you can rent and pay on site. The park is well organized with sign-posts and is equipped with facilities to make your stay a touch homey.


Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park

How would you like a fancy spa treatment without the fancy cost in Australia? Drive up to Tjuwaliyn Hot Springs Park for the natural thermal hot springs. Due to cultural beliefs of the local Wagiman people, men are not allowed at certain parts of the park. A tip would be to always follow the instructions or signage in the park.


We have been to Australia several times, moving from West Australia (Perth) to East Coast (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Melbourne) up to Tasmania. The way we travelled evolved throughout the years! It's no longer cities and shopping but more sub-urban and star gazing. North island isn't one of the most popular destination when it comes to travelling in Australia therefore we hope this article gave you an insight into the little gems scattered up North.