Review: Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation


Before "committing'' (very serious relationship) to the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, I have tested out at least 15 foundation samples from various brands but all irritated my skin. Fussy-ass skin I know. Aside from not breaking me out, Laura Mercier has a range of shades catered towards yellow undertones which is undeniably wonderful. Haven't tried any new foundation in years until just recently when I was out of my usual and felt the need to try something slightly lighter in texture from the brand. Tested Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation at the counter and instantly felt in love with how beautiful my skin looked and how weightless it felt on the skin. I wear both in the shade 'Ivory' however Candleglow appears to be a tad lighter.

Lightweight creamy texture that doesn't cling onto dry patches. 

Medium coverage that lasts up to 8-10 hours with a primer. (on my skin)


Just a disclaimer, looking shiny is my jazz therefore no powder was used as per how I would wear this foundation. It feels like nothing on the skin, stays on all day looking fresh and does not rub off at all. I love how my skin looks healthy with a glow from within! Comes with a pump which is very handy but packaged in a semi see through glass bottle that would look great on a vanity but a pain for traveler like me. I use one pump on each side of the face and an extra pump for more coverage. One thing to mention is the scent. It does smell like straight up makeup which bothered me at first but thank-goodness it fades. I suggest giving it a good sniff at the counter if you have problems with scented products. Bought it from because it was out-of-stock in Malaysia and most counters were temporarily closed down, apparently Shiseido took over Laura Mercier and the brand will officially be back March 2018.  Flying back home very soon! Signing off x


Review: Delsey Caumartin

Question: Is it worth the price tag?

This post has been drafted since August 2017 and allegedly went incognito in our draft box for 7 months.
We know bloggers should be more 'efficient' when it comes to product reviews however this was an exception.
Traveling is what we do for a living, not literally, but our career requires us to live out of a suitcase (and a cheap $10 clothing rack) most of the time.
From the number of boarding passes collected, we do approximately 8 flights per month on average.
Out of which most are done with just a carry-on, a laptop case and two eye-bags.
The old carry-on gave me backaches and it was too small to fully utilize capacity allowed by most airlines.
It was time to ditch the good ol' and invest in a carry-on that could bring me, my 20 pairs of socks and fluffy PJs to Mars. 
 Driven by the hefty price tag, we tested the Delsey Caumartin carry-on to the absolute maximum.
From how much it can fit, to how well the zipper and wheels perform and if it does equally or beyond what a carry-on should do.


  • H 55 x L 40 x W 20

  • 37.26 L

  • 2.2 KG








Without considering baggage weight restrictions.

A good carry-on luggage can double up as a check-in luggage anytime.

How much does it fit?

- 7 sweaters . 2 PANTS .
. 2 SKIRTS . 1 SCARF .
. 1 COAT . 1 HANDBAG .

final verdict

Delsey Caumartin 55 cm fits everything I need for a 2-weeks-long trip! Double-wheels worked excellent throughout the 8 months test period. Doesn't get caught in parchment or pebbled walkways and glides like a dream without telling everyone you have arrived. Quiet wheels indeed! The handle works great with a maximum 10 kg load before it gets weird. Honestly, I have been pushing it beyond 12 kg. Shame on me. Tiny scabs at the bottom part of the carry-on but nothing too major. This carry-on weigh 2.2 kg (empty) which is heaven.

I love how the carry-on doesn't lose its shape even being stuffed with a mother-load of 'necessities' (i.e. ice-cream flavoured oreos) and remains looking light. The Delsey Caumartin 55 cm well justifies the price tag because we've got our money's worth. As of now, we are eyeing on the Delsey Caumartin 65 cm as a replacement for our 4 years old Delsey suitcase that has seen better days. Hope this post is informative if you are out in the market for a new suitcase! Signing off x

Keeping Your Watch In Excellent Condition

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It is becoming increasingly fashionable to collect watches in this modern age that we live, and there is a wide selection of styles for you to choose from if you are looking to start a collection. If you do decide to collect watches, then you will need to keep them well-maintained and stored correctly to keep them in excellent condition. There is plenty of advice on websites such as the Readers Digest site, on how to keep your watches looking great for a long time to come.

. Treat Them With Care .

It is typical for the modern collector to not only collect watches but also to wear them as well. The more you wear a watch, the higher the overall wear and tear with scratches and scuffs, and if you have an antique watch that is in need of repair (or just bloody clumsy like I am), you can take it to a specialist such as to fix and restore your watch. Although you may take excellent care of your watches, there will most likely be a time when they may need some repair or restoration work.

. Store It Correctly .

When you are not wearing your watch, you will want to ensure that you store it correctly and that the condition is nice and dry. Many watches come with a display case that can be used when you are not wearing it, and using these is an excellent way to look after it when it is not being worn. 

. Make Sure It Keeps Ticking .

If you have a variety of watches with a quartz movement, you will need to make sure that you keep it ticking, winding it regularly but ensuring you do not over wind it. If you have a watch which charges through kinetic energy, you can invest in a watch winder that stimulates the movement of the body and will not over wind the watch.

. Give It A Clean .

You will want to give your watch a clean on a regular basis, and depending on the type of watch you may wish to use a professional service for this. You should get your watch cleaned and serviced every couple of years, which should keep it in tip-top condition for many years to come. 

. Verdict .

From the previous posts, you'll know by now how much I appreciate a good timepiece. I know if I were to take excellent care of my watches, they can keep ticking for a long time to come, and even qualify as a hand-them down as a family heirloom. At home, I store my watches in a watch box gifted by my father (he wanted to throw away initially). However whenever I'm away, watch storage is always on the surface of my desk or bedside table depending on my mood or wherever I fancy. (a.k.a.  next to my shoes, lol jokes) In year 2018, I know it's time to get a watch box and give demn watches a bit of TLC . How do you keep your watches sexy? x