Best National Parks In The Northern Territory

Image by dirkvanacker via Flickr

Image by dirkvanacker via Flickr


The Northern Territory in Australia has some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire country, and there are many national parks throughout the area that cater to both visitors and tourists. A list of all national parks in Australia is available online, and you can use this list to plan a trip to the Northern Territory. Here are some of the best parks in the Northern Territory that should be on your must-visit list.

Kakadu National Park

"Escape into Kakadu National Park and celebrate the beauty of the tropical landscape, and the local indigenous culture. Accommodation options range from wilderness safari retreats, cabins and campgrounds to truly a unique hotel that is shaped to look like a crocodile." - Kakadu Accommodation

There are much to see and do in Kakadu National Park, including spectacular scenery on display, abundance of wildlife, and the Rock Art created by one of the oldest living cultures on earth. We recommend booking a night in at Kakadu National Park accommodation for comfort, convenience and absolute fun. Join in the many Ranger-guided activities or go for a hike early next morning to keep the adrenaline flowing!


Yeperenye / Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park

Yeperenye / Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park is 10km East of Alice Springs and is called 'the' place for wildlife spotting. Spend a full day out in the wildlife to spot while you are out. As this is a historical site, do follow safety signs and stay on designated roads and tracks. Most importantly, stay safe and hydrated!


Barranyi (North Island) National Park
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Barranyi National Park is a picturesque destination that involves white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. It is a people-favourite for hiking, boating and wildlife spotting activities. Besides those, there are also camping facilities available which you can rent and pay on site. The park is well organized with sign-posts and is equipped with facilities to make your stay a touch homey.


Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park

How would you like a fancy spa treatment without the fancy cost in Australia? Drive up to Tjuwaliyn Hot Springs Park for the natural thermal hot springs. Due to cultural beliefs of the local Wagiman people, men are not allowed at certain parts of the park. A tip would be to always follow the instructions or signage in the park.


We have been to Australia several times, moving from West Australia (Perth) to East Coast (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Melbourne) up to Tasmania. The way we travelled evolved throughout the years! It's no longer cities and shopping but more sub-urban and star gazing. North island isn't one of the most popular destination when it comes to travelling in Australia therefore we hope this article gave you an insight into the little gems scattered up North.


What To Pack : Beauty Bits


This post provides a few tips on how NOT to lug your entire beauty stash whilst travelling.
I've once brought 3 tubes of 150 ml clay masks with me on a week-long trip. 
Been there, done that. Since watching out on what I use and how much I need day-to-day, I've picked up a few tips on how pack more responsibly.  It's was also the moment of truth I realized that size does matter.


01 Bring the usual

The number one mistake I made was to try out new skincare when I'm away. Constantly dealing with skin mishap and load of regrets. we all want to look snazzy on our trip away. Keep it safe and stick to what you know works best.

02 Check

Find out if basic hygiene NECESSITIES are provided at the other end. shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash etc (or BODY LOTION even) I've stayed at hotel that gave me just a bar of soap. helpful.

03 Mini

Travel miniatures are great! however, they do take up space and most often un-finished by the end of the trip. For shorter trips, get sachet samples of your FAVORITE product because they are designed for one or two uses. Another tip would be to use decanters that stacks up and locks together to avoid fussing around getting confused between face cleanser and shaving cream.

04 Pick the beauty bag wisely

You'd understand how it feels when your favorite face powder shattered, and you sobbed on the bathroom floor in your floral undie. Beauty bag gives your products extra protection and 'the perfect size' tugs everything ever so nicely, reducing risk of anything breaking. Most of all, holds you back from over-packing. 

05 Don't do doubles

Take only one of each with you, primer, foundation, blusher...the list goes on and on but do try to stick with just one in every category. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to this subject, however, I do bring an extra lip product for insurance. Just in case my clumsy-ass decides to  leave it at the dinner table underneath used napkins. 


These are 5 simple tips that I've learned along the way. I now use everything in my beauty bag except for my tweezers. Currently feeling sluggish and bloated and sluggish, wait did I just repeat myself, damn pms. I shall go put on a mask and snack on some Maltesers whilst I'm at it. Don't forget ladies, it's about having fun and bringing what we need. x


How To Spice Up Your Bali Itinerary On Your First Visit

Good news!

 Now is the best time to travel to Bali, Indonesia. You probably would have heard of 101 things that need to be on your to-do list. When planning your trip to Bali, the toughest would be to decide on the beefy part of your trip that you don't want to miss. Travel plans aside, I suggest splashing a couple more dollars to stay in one of those stunning Bali villas. Never imagined myself saying this but I've made mistakes twice the time we were in Bali. Twice. First place was too modern and it felt like we were in Singapore; Second was way too secluded so we ended up travelling a few hours extra everyday. Bali traffic wasn't fun either. Do decide on your travel timeframe and budget before we dive in. [Recent post: Travelling on a budget]


Hot Spots


> Visiting Kuta & Legian - it is one of the most tourist-heavy areas (which I'm not so much of a fan of) but this is where you get to experience the city's famous nightlife. 

> Seminyak – NEIGHBORING Kuta but with a pinch more GLAMOROUS. find good shopping, world class dining and 'the' beach for one of the most memorable sunset I've seen in South East Asia.

> Ubud – the cultural corner of Bali where you can experience Bali moving at a slower pace. make sure to visit tegalalang Rice Field!

> Uluwatu – Just south of Jimbaran, you can discover more beaches and sacred temples.

bali 1.jpeg


We all need a break from life once in a while. Not that we hate what we're doing, but being in a different side of the world puts us into new perspectives. We have travel plans planned up to end of 2018 already! I won't say that travelling is the only reason I do what I do but I can say that travelling encourages me to do better everyday. We won't be visiting Indonesia this year (just Thailand and Vietnam), however these are a few of the popular destinations that tourist should discover based on our personal experience. Happy vacation :)