Ho Chi Minh

Just over two months ago, we made a trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in hopes of taking a short break off work.
It was Mr. Valentine’s first time in HCM (my second!) so it was interesting to see how we both traveled with the same itinerary.
If we were to sum up the trip with only three words, it would be: Banh Mi, Pouring Rain and Banh Mi.
Wait. Did I repeat myself?

Lunch @ Rice Field

Rustic interior, delicious home-cooked Vietnamese cuisine and aesthetically pleasing tableware made up to a cosy afternoon. Blessing in disguise as we sheltered away from the pouring rain. No doubt one of THE best rice paper rolls we had in HCM. [Vegetarian options available]

Vietnamese breakfast combination we had almost every morning.
Rice vermicelli with eggs, fresh vegetables and lime drizzles. AND iced milk coffee.
Hidden gem in an alleyway, strategically situated below our Airbnb just right among where the locals live.


Pham Ngu Lao

We tried searching for a pub with less-loud music and minimal crowd but failed with disgrace. After a 15mins beer session, we left with greasy hair, wet clothing (it was raining) and realization that we no longer fit into the existing planet. [p.s. we bought beer from convenience store and stayed in watching Christmas films. Yes, in August.]

We wore a raincoat every day and did so much walking our feet were crying for assistance.
Travelling during the rainy season made us see how the Vietnamese doesn’t let the rain stop them from anything.
Literally, I mean selling barbecue in the rain.
A solid few days in Ho Chi Minh living life like the locals made us want to experience Vietnam even more.
Danang and Hoi An next?

Novel Ideas to Make Your Prom Night Fun

We will always remember prom night with fondness as we and our classmates unwind after the exams with fear, excitement and expectations intertwined, not knowing what’s coming ahead. Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion (just like wedding lol) therefore it is worth planning a few fun-based activities to get everyone in the party mood.
Here are a few ideas to add some pah-zazzzz to your special night.


Set Up a Movie Corner

No doubt everyone loves a good film! This can be set up in a quiet corner with caramel popcorn and fizzy drinks or outdoors with a small barbecue pit burning. Movies like “Back to the Future” and “Home Alone” are classics, however, if you and your friends love a good horror film, please do!


Plan After Prom Games

There's nothing like a few fun yet quirky games as prom night winds down. The list of games that are suitable for a prom is endless so here are few to get you started. Getting help from prom-buddies would also make preparation more meaningful, creating time with each other before moving on to the next stage of life.


Create a Selfie Station

This is a novel idea that requires planning in advance but worth the pinch. You could book one, diy selfie props that trigger sweet memories or come out with ideas that ties to an inside joke. An archway would be perfect, which can be created out of plywood and a few coats of paint. Drape some LED lights to add glamour and warmth to those rosy cheeks. Get creative! x

Organise a “Best Prom Photo” Contest

Make this game spontaneous, set the timer on and let things run wild! Allow time for preparation and ‘practice’ so that everyone has adequate time to give their best. “Best Outfit Contest” is also another great idea to see how everyone channels their inner fashion-Gordon-Ramsey. Whatever style you prefer, Peaches Boutique showcases black prom dresses for 2019 including designer dresses at affordable prices.


“Memory is a diary that we all carry with us” - Oscar Wilde -

Prom was almost 10 years ago, and we could still vividly remember the very little details, from bad dance moves to tummy butterflies and flat hair. It is a special occasion we all experience perhaps just once in a lifetime. With the help of some friends and creativity, we could all make prom day extra special :)




Literally the only club I go to at this old age of 25. Damn it. Big chunk of 2018 has gone by. I've devoured 7 books, aiming to finish 12 books by December, hoping Santa would consider me 'nice' and put that snazzy Rolex watch into my stocking. In order to make that happen, these are a few books we have sitting on my clothing rack. (because we have no bookshelf)


. Do Less, Get More ; Shaa Wasmund

. Simple Matters ; Erin Boyle

. Soulful Simplicity ; Courtney Carver

. Destination Simple ; Brooke Mcalary

. Goodbye Things ; Fumio Sasaki

We hope you are enjoying August so far.

Back to reading!
*elegantly picks up a book*