As the new year approaches, comes new wishes and new goals to attain. In 2014, so much happened. The ups and downs, the good and the ugly. I would say mostly were not so positive. Even said so, I had the opportunity to travel to 4 countries and flew to more than 4 new side of the world which I haven't been to.

For every new year, I'll start off by writing down a list of goals I wanna achieve, things that I wanna do differently & also a personal annual bucket list. Last year, I manage to strike off 3 items off my list. Definitely not good enough because there are still 2 goals pending to be achieved!

Year 2015 will be a totally different year for me. Different status, brand new perspective and a different stage of life. My personal vision is getting clearer as I age and I find growing up pretty amazing :) Regardless of what that will happen, I believe 2015 will be the best year of my life. For sure I know there will be lots of travelling done, let it be for work or a personal vacay. Cant wait to explore the world, meet new people and do things unexpectedly :)

How do you always start your new year? Is there a sure thing that you will do? <3

*By the way, I have already started scrap booking for this year! Will keep you updated!

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