Being Thrifty

I have just started doing my personal financial planning recently and is trying to get hold of it still. It is difficult to fork out majority of your salary, put it aside and strictly not use it. So in order to make that happen, I opened a separate bank account and at the beginning of every month, a generous sum of money would be transferred over. This amount however would largely depend on your personal lifestyle, affordability and goals. For mine, it would be for travelling and also for any immediate opportunities. Its better to have the cash on hand than to see a great investing opportunity slip away. Let it be a business opportunity, to pay for a car deposit or anything that adds value to life.

Other than the long term financial planning, tiny little savings build up as well. A year ago, I bought this little piggy bank and told myself that I would stuff random cash into it and when the time is right I can spend the money on anything that I want. Let it be to buy a short distance air ticket or buy a thoughtful gift for myself :) Just thought of sharing the beauty of saving because it has been a habit of mine since I was young.

Anyways, life update! I'm gonna be busy bee the next few days! Leaving for a work trip on Monday so there are lots to do before I overwhelming T_T Have a lovely weekend people <3

*Note: Piggy bank is from Daiso

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