Nerd Travels : Malacca

Phew~ It has been a while. Currently on a work trip and the pain in my stomach was so bad that it kept holding me back. Could barely stand but I manage to strive through 2 days still! Speaking about being a survivor! So I went to see the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with stomach virus T_T

Last weekend, me and my friends went down to Malacca for a short road trip and you could bet that it was fun. I could still laugh thinking about the funny things that happened throughout the trip hahaha. Even though I was ill, still, it was a great splotch of color in my life because how often do you get to travel with your high school friends, get sick, vomit, get taken care of and laugh all at the same time?!

On a side note, Malacca is getting more and more artsy. The sprouting western styled cafes, mr gold glitter man and also 'Frozen' trishaws. Yes, literally. HAHA :D
Cant wait for the next trip <3 How was your week so far?

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