A Sassy Night Out

Dinner Outfit
Dress - Doublewoot.com

I have been a huge fan of Doublewoot dresses for one obvious reason, they fit me like a glove. Gonna give them a shoutout because Doublewoot will be launching a swimwear line real soon! Cheers <3

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl. It was hilarious how it turned out to be like a Hen's night with the heart shaped balloons and hand held flowers! Lmao. Since we are all aging and some of us have been in a long term relationship for quite some time already, I sense a lovely wedding popping up real soon. As per discussed and agreed, the first person who gets married shall organize her Hen's night at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Okay I better stop because thinking of the infinity pool, breathtaking night view and champagne is making me overly eggcited.

Thank you for reading and Happy Friday <3

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