Thoughtful Thursday

How has your week been so far? The weekend is approaching so hang on!

Mentioned in the previous blog post about my recent anxiety attack. It wasn't getting better as even till today, I could still feel my nerves creeping in. Which leads to what I'm gonna bring up in a second.


Let it be my home, wardrobe, work space, book collection or even my mind. I just need to get rid of material things that no longer play a part in my life. As a part of my half annual personal project, 50% of my everything will be either passed on to my family and friends or even given away. Bare in mind that my stuff are all in very good condition so if you have been eyeing on something I wore or used, drop me an email or call me. Will keep you updated as I go along.

What's next : Nerd Travels // 12 Hour in Macau

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