Nerd Travels // Tasmania Day 1 + Day 2


KUL > Melbourne Tullamarine > Launceston Airport

Caught a night flight to Melbourne and a consecutive flight to Launceston, Tasmania. By the time we touched down Launceston it was already mid-afternoon. Oh was I amazed by the blue blue sky and candyfloss-like clouds. Registered, picked-up our 'home' and then checked-in Big4 Launceston Holiday Park.

Highlight of the 1st day in Tassie was definitely the moment when I saw our motor-home. The fact that 4 of us were about to 'live' in such limited space gave me nerves! I am claustrophobic and being enclosed in a shoebox wasn't a dream come true. But yeah it was actually not that bad. Struggled to move around at first but there was nothing human flexibility can't do.

Oh when I said 'move around', I meant frontwards and backwards. LMAO.


Thankfully last night was good and I didn't have to sleep with knees up at my cheeks. Had a simple breakfast [Coffee+Cereal+Toast] combination then headed out to our first destination of the trip, Cataract Gorge. Ain't it breathtaking? Haven't heard my own heartbeat in a while and that day was an exception. Took slow and mindful foot steps as we strolled up the rocky pathway and sashayed around Launceston town.

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday!

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p/s: please ignore the date stamp. I promise no more in the future. LOL.

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