Nerd Travels // Sekeping Serendah, Malaysia.

Hey there, this is our first ever vlog!

A short staycation into the woods. Serendipity with cool air, chirpy birds and dark green leaves. Was never the one who goes ooo and ahh when it comes to land-earth-sea but growing older deepened my love towards mother nature and as for now even clouds and mountains give me butterflies. Situated amost 2 hours away from the city, Sekeping Serendah retreat is perfect for working adults or loved ones to gather and bond. Bond, I mean chat like there's no tomorrow haha. Took some pictures hoping you, my dear reader, could have a virtual-breath-of-fresh-air :)

Click here to see what to pack on a weekend getaway :)

Since we are techinically technology noobs [See what I did there], there are much room for improvements and lots to pick up too! Currently looking into getting better tools, brushing up those skills and working on those not-so-steady arms. Gotta start packing since we are jetting off for a work trip real soon! With uncertainties in upcoming work trips, we might not even be able to make it back for christmas but hey at least we get to see the world? *being POH-ZEE-TEEVE*

 What are your plans for the season and have you started gift shopping? Happy wednesday beautiful :)