Inspirational Monday

Boney or not. Chubby or not. It doesn't matter. 

Body shaming is an apparent social issue where the perception of being beautiful is predefined and looking otherwise means you are up to no good, not perfect and no where near beautiful. If you are reading this, woman or man, I hope you know that you are beautiful and you are.

Put off shooting this just because I thought my boney figure wouldn't look great in this dress but as I shut my personal perception and closed my eyes, I felt beautiful and that's all that matters. It takes time to feel comfortable in our own skin and do believe that you are special and no one can ever replace you. 

Letting this gorgeous piece go for charity. I have limited pieces in size S,M,L which I'm selling to raise fund for a heartful charitable organization in Malaysia, supporting women whom are victims of domestic violence. Hit me up if you need a wonderfully made dress for upcoming special occasions or festive parties :) Let's empower each other and the women in need.

Stay tuned for a brand new travel post & vlog coming up this Wednesday. Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!