5 Things to Note

Currently sitting at my desk being traumatised by the fact that year 2015 is coming to an end. I've seen so much growth in myself mentally and emotionally this year so thought I'd share 5 things to note before setting foot into the new year.

1. Believe in your own decisions

Make mindful decisions and don't be afraid of making the wrong ones as there isn't an absolute right or wrong in life. Whatever the outcome is, celebrate with pride because you've either done good or learnt something new. Decisions could only lead to a success or a failure and nothing else so just go out there and be a #GIRLBOSS

2. Understand your wants and needs

Thinking of being cosy in your PJs snacking on Nachos like a couch potato instead of dancing your face off in the club? Do what you want as you wish. It's time to take charge and listen to your inner voice. Also, justify what we want and really need. Okay let's add the $70 moisturiser and $200 suede blazer to cart but maybe not the 2D pug doormat with automated barks :p

3. Go all out but know your limits

Growing into adulthood and learning about myself made me understand boundaries & limits. Take the risk, grab opportunities, step outside of your comfort zone and power through those boundaries when needed but hold back if it's pushing your limits. Try your best as we only live once. Just know where and when to stop.

4. Give

I've given more this year. Way more than I could ever imagine. From supporting the needy to more time dedicated to my family and self. If giving impacted me in a positive way, I believe it would to you too. So lets start planning a brunch date with le fam and pass on those dresses you have been hoarding for years :)

5. Be positive

Worry less, do more, stop complaining, frown less and smile more. This is the toughest out of all as it took me months to just worry less! If you're feeling demotivated, negative or uninspired, try looking/visualising something that you love. For me, it's creeping #wanderlust on Instagram, scrolling through pugs feed and giving them a good laugh.

Remember that negative Nancy isn't attractive and telling someone how you spilled coffee on your new shirt, stepped on a banana peel, slipped off the walkway and fell into a trashcan (with more peels) isn't value adding. Or is it? haha.

Jokes aside. Let's live in the now and make changes before 2015 officially bids goodbye! 3 more days people! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend ahead :)