Beige Biker

Just like me if you exploit the biker jacket with no shame and have been wearing the same one for almost a decade now, we need a new one. My dear biker jacket from HnM went totally out of shape and gave me black flakey armpits. Not literally but the outside armpit of the jacket flaked so badly I had black-faux-leather-dots on my face. #noshame

The fact that my current biker is in a fully depreaciated state made me shed tears. But life's gotta roll so I'm currently on a hunt for 'the' biker jacket that could do the deal. Found this beige coloured one with dark silver hardware that would go along with my minimal wardrobe. Let me know what you think about this Beige Biker Jacket :) Do you have a staple jacket that works every season? 

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday! See you on Friday for a new post!