Nerd Travels // Melbourne - Tasmania [Finale]

If you have been to Melbourne before or if you live there [well well you lucky bee] you would know of the weather tale that anyone could experience 4 seasons in a day, down in Victoria. Since I was there during Winter, the weather was very mild. Not too crazy that it fluctuates where we need to strip and put on a bikini the next hour. Phew~

Trip to Melbourne was spent mostly in restaurants and on the street squeezing through the crowd. Brunch and coffee were remarkably great (as expected) and sky was really blue. I'm that person who notices changes in the air and stares up all the time. Sorry for making a fuss about the sky and being such a weirdo. Haha. Soon, I will make a trip to the Great Ocean Road to see myself what all the hype is about :)

How's your week so far? If you had a great one, have a doughnut and pop a champagne. If you didn't, I suggest you do the same because no worries dear things will turn out fine :) Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday! By the way, just incase you missed my recent travel post to Singapore, check out Part 1 & Part 2