Nerd Travels // Singapore #1


"If you look like your passport picture, you probably need a trip"

Was about to shatter at the beginning of December and thankfully the short stay-cation came right on time. A trip away gave me the space to breath, inspired me to move on, go further and most importantly brought me back on track :)

Visited the Hermes Exhibition, Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, Nobel Prize Exhibition at the Art Science Museum. Strolled around aimlessly taking pictures whilst playing with different camera settings, vlogged my experience, had a slice of blue velvet cake and walked in the rain. Hopped around cafes with an intention to explore and share good coffee alongside great vegetarian food option. 

Museums were never my thing and walking in the rain with just a map and no directions was never a page in my dictionary. Travelling alone makes one grow and I can never stress enough how important is it to break the cycle that we live in, once in a while. Drank three cups of coffee on the first day itself and pretty much ended up in a 3 hours long conversation with a Spanish guy and a sleepless night. 

Stay tuned for more travel pictures, foody contents and a budget-snazzy-cool accommodation option in Singapore which I'd totally recommend. Happy Wednesday Everyone!