Food In Singapore // Brawn & Brains

Walked in the rain with a Singapore MRT map over my head. It was a beautiful day with light drizzles, polite breeze and peaceful streets. Thankfully I managed to hunt down the place right before my map had a hole in it.

Lesson learnt. Always trust the weatherman.

Ordered Mushroom & Cheese (only vegetarian option available) and a cup of Japanese Sencha to balance out the cheesy dish. Also because I've had 2 cups of coffee before lunch and caffeine was kicking in seriously. #insane

Spent good few hours enjoying life without distractions.

Loaded with mozzarella cheese, rockets, mushrooms, a good dash of pepper and onions with a side spicy crisps.

Perfect savoury kick for the afternoon, accompanied by a cup of hot Japanese Sencha with gentle toasted brown rice aftertaste.

Devoured everything on the plate, took in luxurious information from the Hermes Catalog, brochure from the Nobel Prize exhibition visited right before lunch and 'performed' photography skills like Joëlle Ferinni Duvij. Might have just made that up but if I were a photographer, that would be me. Going back for coffee and earl grey croissant in the future. Prawns & Grains? Nope. It's Brawn & Brains. x

100 Guillemard Rd #01-02 Singapore Badminton Hall MRT - Aljuneid [Green Line] / Mountbatten [Yellow Line]