Inspirational Monday

My New Years Resolution is 800 x 533. As usual.

Few things to inspire and a stylish reminder to work hard & focus on the positive with good energy, short term goals and believe that beautiful things happens to those who are willing to fight for and earn them.

01 Be Fit

Firm up those marshmallows. Get in shape with a few sexy lines.

02  Go Minimal

Streamline the wardrobe, beauty routine and life in totality.

03  Dream..

Explore more, get lost, travel with just a map, put down perspectives, jot down inspirations & lessons along the way. Live with an open heart and enjoy the moment like there is no second chance.

How cool is my new phone case. Told everyone I brought my dreams along with me, they thought I was joking. If you wish to remind yourself goals set for 2016, check out for custom made phone cases/laptop skins. Use code "REALLIFE20" to get a 20% off [till 25 Jan]. Get creative and do share your designs. Pictures taken on a trip to Dubai? Meaningful quote to live by? Picture of a special someone snoring? Portrait of Oprah Winfrey? Why the hell not?!!

Currently reading an inspirational book by Dr. Daniel called "Letting Go of Your Bananas". Should I banana my phone case next?