Inspirational Monday

Never regret anything because at one time, it was exactky what you wanted.

''If I could tell my 22 year old self just one thing, it would be not to self-blame and regret all decisions made.''

This shot was taken at Victoria State Library (Melbourne), year 2014, right before I threw my mortarboard into the air. It signified the start of all hardship and was the turning point in my life where I learnt what I want out of life and stopped giving a F for bullshit in any form. My friend might not know this but the 2 full weeks spent with her, indirectly changed my life. If you are reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

In case you haven't stopped by in a while, we took a week off last week which has never happened on Real Life Nerd. We needed some time to read a book, build castle in the sky and refocus on unrealized goals. Have you encountered life changing moments that you wished didn't happen but you are now thankful for? Please share :)