Inspirational monday

Ultralinx @ Pinterest

Ultralinx @ Pinterest


Not the ordinary Inspirational Monday but a quickie update this morning (:

.01 Soaking up some inspiration as I swim through a pool of reports and whatnots. John C Maxwell is feeding my brain really well lately.

.02 Thinking of ripping off my wall paper in substitute for some fresh white paint and nothing more.

.03 Update: Collecting items for the '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge' is still in progress. 3 more pieces to go and I might have just slowed down on purpose, leaving some room for ad-hoc purchases. Trying our very best to strech 3 pieces till August. Have mercyyyy. Just incase I'm sounding like a pothead, this is what we are up to.

.04 Other than the urge to rip off my walls, I want to make some changes to my life. By getting to bed by 10:30pm and getting up 30 minutes earlier than I'm used to. Definitely inspired by Anna from Vivianadoesmakeup

.05 Jetting off somewhere exciting next week! Stay tuned for more travel + fashion doodad. 

Thank you for your time and Happy Monday love.