Inspirational Monday

''All roads that lead to SUCCESS have to pass through HARD WORK boulevard at some point.''

This week's inspirational Monday involves a mini life update. This past month has been cray. Drowned by a heck-load of work and have just returned to my habitat with an exhausted body, soul and perhaps looking borderline psychopathic. I am so used to juggling frogs but never have I predicted such a breakdown where my limits were tested, everything was right up my breath and I just couldn't work around completing tasks planned. #hardtimes

One thing I get ask alot is, why work so hard? Why so serious? We are still young. If not now, then when? If we don't push ourself, no one else is going to do it for us. In 10 years time, I want to think back and recall the hardwork done than the work not done. It's time to take a rest before I buckle up and get going.

We are taking a week off Real Life Nerd peeps, see you soon!

Currently stopping by HARDWORK boulevard. Where are you?