All About Three Stone Engagement Rings

HAVE you came across the perfect engagement ring or ever visualised one that you would wear for the rest of your life? So cliché but I secretly have. Living a more minimal life made me reconsider how the society perceives a perfect wedding to be. Deciding on which shade of white our table napkins should be and how many decades of fortune should we spend on 2 wedding bands. The more cash spent symbolizes how much more a man loves his woman and how much the couple value their relationship. If the happiness of a marriage equals to how broke the couple is after the wedding and the idea of consuming canned beans for the next 5 years seems loving and warm then great! Living in debt just for the ring might not lead to a sexy marriage. I've always wanted a sexy one.

"Spending decades of fortune on 2 rings is like running a long marathon in Louboutins."

THE wedding ring in my unicorn fantasy has always been diamond-free until I came across the 3 stone engagement ringUnderstated luxury with a pinch of simplicity radiating timeless elegance. 3 stone engagement ring is often referred to as the “past, present and future” of a relationship. I love how my parents had the simplest wedding band that you could ever imagine. Nothing too much. Just enough to tie their hearts together as Mr. and Mrs. 

Serendipity Diamonds offers 3 stone engagement rings which are absolutely stunning. The idea of a meaningful jewellery piece that can be customized to express the bride's personality is brilliant. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, colour and cut. The couple can play around with the 3 stone setting, incorporating diamonds of different cut and even gemstones just like those spicy Rubies and Sapphires. This means that the couple can create a truly unique & individual ring that could be passed on to the next generation. While many rings seem to be white gold or platinum, they offer gold and rose gold rings too! However, it all comes to the couple's personal style and preference.

Most popular choice of all would be the princess cuts. Take some time to visit their site to gather some ideas. If you are married, please share how was the proposal and was the ring chosen by your significant other? If you are single like us, check out Serendipity and let us know if you've gotten some inspiration for your future band. I like how Paloma (platinum ring) has a clean and chic silhouette. Juicy.

Lots of Love <3