Inspirational Monday

FEBRUARY 2017 marks the 27th month I've been in the corporate field as an internal auditor. In most cases, we deal with top management the most and people up there have fought for life, went through hardship and view things differently from a broader perspective. There is a saying: You are the average of 5 person you spend time with. Honestly true af. One thing I've learned from the baby boomers, was the importance of going an extra mile in all our endeavors.

Perform beyond expectations. If you only do what you're meant to do, darling, that's when you get a stagnant paycheck. In order to be successful in life, be observant, proactive and have the willingness to do more, think more, have a holistic perspective and go beyond the call of duty. Mum keeps reminding me, what is there for you to lose? Probably nothing. Being a 90s kid, we know the Big 30 is coming our way. Time to pass on the baton to the millennials. 

We haven't been catching on sufficient snooze for the past 2 weeks. Now where's my pillow.