Inspirational Monday



I want to create a life where the choice of making decision lies in my hands. Whether having street food or savouring a meal at Ladurée Paris Champs-Elysées. Whether it's cycling to work or go grocery shopping in a fancy sports car. Whether it's strolling at the park nearby or paying a visit to the Natural History Museum in London. Enjoy life and make decisions not based on affordability but solely a choice I choose to make. Giving myself financial freedom so that I could be present where life truly is. Not dollar and cents. F price tags.

Update: I've been diving into new areas out of my profession, increasing my net worth and finding someone to share life goals, aspirations and laughter with. Crawling through the final leg of February like a goofball because it's coursework week. Dealing with studies and backlog of blogwork. Also craving for a chocolate doughnut. How are you doing so far?

Fight strong. Stay humble.