Life Update

Half a year has gone by. Two of my dear friends got engaged. Also, time for a mid-year purge as things start to accumulate. Just submitted my master degree project, fingers crossed everything goes as smooth as peanut butter. Taking a few weeks off before the next module commences. One of my short-term goal was to graduate from masters at the age of 25. Even though I'm one year late, the focus remains. Next year will be the year I graduate from University of London and the year I fulfil my wish of visiting the Scandinavian region. Keeping my eyes on the prize. Hey Stockholm! 

Recently got back into reading (and light yoga), bought a few reads online, keeping an open mind for genres I've never ventured into. Flipping through old books whilst my order gets delivered. Travelling to China for work real soon. It'll be a challenge juggling work and studies but where's the fun without jumping hurdles? Real Life Nerd is turning 3 in October. This website has been put on hold this year due to various reasons. Life can be overwhelming and it's true that we can't have everything we want at the same time. Took some time off social media to restructure myself (physique & mental health) and nurture a budding relationship. 

My skin condition has finally stabilized. Adding an extra step to the regime made such a huge difference. This Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser definitely lives up to its hype. On another note, it's finally time for a tech-change. Phone battery bloating faster than my father's belly and it's not a good sign.  

Happy June x