Accomodation In Osaka


Brownie points for a balcony.
 Easy access to the nearest station.
Convinience store around the corner. 
Oh. Huge-Ass windows as well.

Whipped out my beauty bag [similar]. Changed into comfy PJs. Hung up my outerwear. Boiled water then made myself a cup of coffee (yasss overnight flight). Stood by the balcony for some fresh air. Also managed to sneak on passersby from above. #fun

Everything accomplished under 15 minutes and I was already laying down on the carpet thinking about how beautiful life has been in year 2016. Mind went wild until the TV started showing this lady selling non-stick frying pan. Back to reality.

Booked this tiny & modern yet comfortable place at Kami Shinjo (上新庄) which is a 20 minutes train ride away from the heart of Osaka. Clean and fully equipped with cooking utensils and washing facilities. Fleece for additional warmth, extra towels & sheets for you to change and a mini-mini bath. Absolutely sweet. 

A quaint township with miniature Japanese restaurants, roadside snack stand and cute sausage dogs. Awww. 

Airbnb is a pretty marmite thing. You either LOVE it or HATE it.
I have been a traveler for years and truly knows how important is it for me to feel like home when I'm away.
Returning to a studio or an apartment gives me the sense of belonging.
Love the thought of making an omelet in the morning, grabbing a morning coffee from the local shops and strolling around the neighborhood in PJs.
This place was a dream and still is.

"Being away from home for 7 out of 12 months isn't as easy as you think." - nerd-

Airbnb is a game changer.
If you are hesitating on it, we challenge you to place your first booking and truly experience the essence of traveling.
Let us know your thoughts! x

Here's RM90 off your first booking. Let's make 2017 the year of traveling.