Booking a beauty salon and spa treatment

Feeling guilty because my last haircut and facial was exactly 300 days ago. Family time & a sprouting career are my main priorities and therefore everything else seems to be out of the league.

Wouldn't want to scare you with the condition of my roots and ends. Had a hair cut last weekend at Kimarie and no jokes, I felt alive. Being too caught up with life has became a thing and making appointments for anything else is a bloody fuss.

"We can't buy happiness.
But we can buy a spa day."

Stumbled upon and things are changing people! I can finally book Keith @ Kimarie (my hairdresser!!) on a fingertip. They said technology is fabulous. Now I know.

Next on my list is an underarm whitening session at Bubble Gum Wax. Perhaps with an additional shoulder hair removal. Booked mine at the nearest branch on the 23th February.  

Remember that the time to relax is when we don't have time for it. Shall have some wine now with 2 cucumber slices on. What about you? x

Bfab launch promo - Use the code “BFABNOW” at and get 20% off EVERYTHING on Bfab till 29 February 2016. Usable up to 4 bookings.
Booking beauty salon and spa near you has never gotten easier. An upper lip wax for less than RM5 (after 20% off) would make Valentine's day sexier.

We've got you covered beautiful. Time to be fresh & fabulous.