No Buy Month


Also known as the 30-days No Buy Challenge.

If you are new to this (just like us), No Buy Month is buying absolutely nothing , except for food and medication, limiting to only the ultimate essentials for an entire month. For the whole duration, you are suppose to use up all that you already have, cut down on food & groceries budget and mainly limit shopping expenses to a zero. Rule of thumb is to NOT stock up prior to and spend extravagantly after the challenge. Food is necessary but $10 on doughnuts and coffee isn’t an essential for now. Therefore from 10th June till 9th July, I will be stripping everything back to the basics.

  • NO weekend out (can’t ‘buy’ bus tickets to get out);

  • NO coffee takeaways;

  • NO paid services (i.e. haircut/movies/massage); and

  • NO shopping. 

That being said, I will give room for ice-cream (hey summer!) and cleaning supplies. Don’t get me wrong by ‘NO weekend out’. People do go out for activities like picnic/chairty gigs which are free of charge but where I live, those doesnt exist. It takes me time, effort and money to get out therefore for No Buy Month, I will stay in and focus on these.

  • Reading;

  • Reorganizing living space;

  • Decluttering; and

  • Brushing up German (Ja! Bis morgen!).

Unlike most people, No Buy Month won’t make a drasctic change to our finances because we do stick to a strict monthly budget anyways. After paying off housing loan installments, credit card bills etc, all of our funds are then allocated into different investment mediums. If you see me eating up expired biscuits wearing stained discoloured socks, you know why. However, it doesn’t mean I am frugal. I’m an advocate of spending money on experiences therefore I do spend money on travelling. Aside from that, I do buy a little treat  from time to time depending on the performance of my investments. So if you catch me wearing a pair of new earrings, don’t call me out.

So…why No Buy Month then?

 We just came back from Australia and might  have incurred a few unbudgetted expenses. For the most part, we are saving up for a mission. Can’t believe we are now halfway through No Buy Month! So far, so good. Hold your horses because we will check back in on 9th July. Stay tuned.  


Novel Ideas to Make Your Prom Night Fun

We will always remember prom night with fondness as we and our classmates unwind after the exams with fear, excitement and expectations intertwined, not knowing what’s coming ahead. Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion (just like wedding lol) therefore it is worth planning a few fun-based activities to get everyone in the party mood.
Here are a few ideas to add some pah-zazzzz to your special night.


Set Up a Movie Corner

No doubt everyone loves a good film! This can be set up in a quiet corner with caramel popcorn and fizzy drinks or outdoors with a small barbecue pit burning. Movies like “Back to the Future” and “Home Alone” are classics, however, if you and your friends love a good horror film, please do!


Plan After Prom Games

There's nothing like a few fun yet quirky games as prom night winds down. The list of games that are suitable for a prom is endless so here are few to get you started. Getting help from prom-buddies would also make preparation more meaningful, creating time with each other before moving on to the next stage of life.


Create a Selfie Station

This is a novel idea that requires planning in advance but worth the pinch. You could book one, diy selfie props that trigger sweet memories or come out with ideas that ties to an inside joke. An archway would be perfect, which can be created out of plywood and a few coats of paint. Drape some LED lights to add glamour and warmth to those rosy cheeks. Get creative! x

Organise a “Best Prom Photo” Contest

Make this game spontaneous, set the timer on and let things run wild! Allow time for preparation and ‘practice’ so that everyone has adequate time to give their best. “Best Outfit Contest” is also another great idea to see how everyone channels their inner fashion-Gordon-Ramsey. Whatever style you prefer, Peaches Boutique showcases black prom dresses for 2019 including designer dresses at affordable prices.


“Memory is a diary that we all carry with us” - Oscar Wilde -

Prom was almost 10 years ago, and we could still vividly remember the very little details, from bad dance moves to tummy butterflies and flat hair. It is a special occasion we all experience perhaps just once in a lifetime. With the help of some friends and creativity, we could all make prom day extra special :)


5 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

 Officially 25!
Assuming I could live till the marvellous age of 75,
A third of my life has gone passed by and
I have two third left before turning into ashes.

Disclaimer: This post is 4 months overdue.


01 Nothing is permanent

Your hair, your skin, your best friend, your anything and everything will be different at every point in life. People come and go. Don't frown over the littlest things and don't take too much pride over success. Even tattoo fades.

02 There is no 'time-limit' for anything

Take your time. Go and grow at your own pace.
"Find a boyfriend at 18, get married at 25 and have 2 children by 28."
"Graduate from university at 22, find a job then get promoted every year and be a manager by 30." If you're a 90s child like me, you'll understand. I'm single at 25 and still learning how to fry an egg.

03 Set your eyes on the prize

"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks"
I've only started focusing on my vision 3 years ago. My life and career has grown towards the better and is now in a different paradigm. I'd tell my younger self that losers focus on winners and winners focus on winning.

04 Create inner peace

Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. Let it go. Most of you who know me in person would know that my life is a plateful. What you see is just a factor of the whole picture as things are way more challenging.

Growing up with signs of anxiety, feeling anxious was always mistaken as feeling nervous therefore nothing was done to help myself. As of now, I'm constantly making effort to inject 'peace' both internally & externally because a calm & clear set of mind changes the way we perceive life.

05 Be like a duck

Remain calm on the surface. Paddle like crazy underneath. Always.

Life is a learning process on it's own. Wherever you are in life, I hope you are having fun :)