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Pic Source : Kristofer Johnsson

Pic Source : Kristofer Johnsson

Purge Contact

Tom, Dick and Harry no more. Firstly, remove contacts that you have never heard of or has totally forgotten about. (blame bad memomry!) Then, run through contact listing again. Pick out contacts that you aren't interested to keep anymore or realistically shouldn't. Very unlikely cute lad Bobby that sold you jellybeans at the age of 15 would call you now. #reality


Sort files/folders

Condense scattered files/pictures into folders according to it's date, location or just its nature (i.e. Travel, Work, Life). Delete any duplications, items that are no longer needed or unsatisified work that should have been removed long ago. This was a tricky one because we aren't the most tidy when it comes to the filing department. Original photos, edited photos and articles for projects were all jumbled up in a single folder. Work and personal stuff too! It took us a full day to sort things out and thankgoodness everything looks professional and presentable now. This process might take a while but trust us, it's worth it.  


. Remove Toxic Relationship(s)

We all have friends (or even family members) that make us uncomfortable, who intimidates our growth and negatively influences our thinking. Time to put them aside and focus on quality relationships that truly make us happy. We've reached the age where no f* is given on bullshit, nonsense and relationship-politics that are a waste of time. Growing into adulthood, we've learnt to say NO and CUT off people that doesn't inspire us by any means and those who belittle us. Treasure those who are well worth it and build a bond that is strong and longlasting. 

Unsubscribe and Unfollow

Emails that lure you to spend more on unnecessary items or hook you onto the ongoing promotions? Buying more than you need and spending more than you can afford? It would feasible to unsubscribe from these emails that blind our judgements. There is a saying: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. 
*Unsubsribes from airport mailing subscription and SpaceNK.com

If you are following 1000 people on instagram/ twitter (or any other social medis), very likely only 20% truly inspires you. Let it be style/beauty insipiration, personal motivation or food & travels. 

'One of the happiest moments ever is when you feel the courage to let go of what you can't change'


If you are given a chance to make a few changes in a week's time. Taking these few steps might make you feel better. Let's kickstart the 2nd quarter of 2016 with a clean slate.