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Heres a little something to get us started:

. Minimalist Blogger: un-fancy.com
. Minimalist YouTuber: Rachel Aust

"Our ultimate goal is to downsize and live with pieces that we truly LOVE and realistically NEED."

.1 Forget the price tag

Before the wardrobe cull, it is important to focus on the quality, wearability and potential use of a garment and not make decisions based on how much we spent previously. Bear in mind that these items (that maybe be really costly!) are given away to people who appreciates the pieces more than we do. Also take note that keeping it idle in the wardrobe is a waste of resources and a creation of clutter that we do not want.

.2 Timeline

Haven't worn an item for the past 6 months? Time to get rid. Separate clothing into 3 piles. -1 To be kept -2 Keep In View -3 To be given away. Keep In View pile should hold items that we aren't too fond of or items we don't need but on the fence about. To avoid making the wrong decision, keep these items away. If we can't remember having them by the end of the month or haven't worn these pieces by the next wardrobe cull, time to giveaway.

.5 Old

Make sure to hit the drawers and clear out wonky tops, holey socks and old undergarments. However if we have a wardrobe cull every 3-6 months, very unlikely we'll find something extremely worn out in the closet. I've gotten rid of some undergarments, old pajamas that were so worn out and 20 pairs of holey socks. Please don't ask me how I have cold feet most of the times.

.3 Fit

Does it flatter our body shape? Do we feel confident and comfortable wearing this item? A good tip to look expensive is to choose well made pieces with excellent fabric and cut that fits the body shape. How the shoulder area sits, where the garment ends at and how it looks from all angles.

.4 Style

Going into a cleaner palette? Changing a working environment? Get rid of items that doesn't express our personality or reflect our lifestyle. The new environment is where we are living at the moment. Pieces that are taking up spaces isn't worth holding on. Seasonal garments can be wrapped up and set aside to be kept clean and to preserve their condition.



. anything too short . bottoms that gives you a wedgie . top with collar that has loose its shape . garment which its colour has faded . garment not worn the past 12 months

Going back to zero and strictly no shopping for a period of time is definitely achievable for most people but for me, minimalism is more of cutting down the unnecessary and living consciously. Getting rid of everything that doesn't suit our lifestyle doesn't mean we aren't allowed to shop at all. After the major cull, start by selectively purchase items that are necessary only and would expand the wardrobe's functionality. To avoid going back to square one, strictly reconsider the purchase before diving in.

80% of my wardrobe is gone. Trust me that I used to own a lot in the clothing department. What you see above is all that I have right now. [only 3 neutrals not shown]



Since deciding on being a minimalist, I've never looked back. One thing I believe is that our pieces are not going into waste. People will treasure them more than we do and abundance doesn't equal to happiness. In my case, abundance in material term weighs me down. We are currently down to about 140 items which is still excessive and is looking forward to reduce everything by half.

I've been so much happier spending time on experiences and creating moments with what really matters in my life. Going into minimalism is still a progress. As of now, I'm contend with whats left and is ready to further reduce.


Don't forget about your man.
Pull out their old PJs, dingy shirt, mis-matched socks and outdated boxers.
At least undie that doesn't get into the butt crack.
(They'll never admit!!!)
Time to get rid of démodé undergarments in favour of  some stylish men's underwear.
They work hard for us day after day.
Therefore it's time us women show them how they deserve better.

What do you think about living with less?