"I'm not a nerd. Just nerdy fabulous."

If you wear glasses like I do, your heart must be squeaking already. Beautiful glasses speaks for a person. Let it be thick boxy frame or thin rounded ones, every pair represents the individual's personality and character. It doesn't mean we have bad eyesight, just, we read a lot so I'm guessing it's intelligence? Sorry, jokes aside.

Stumbled upon with a stunning selection of glasses that have so much personality I got into a tizzy. Price ranging from $19-$39 and with a convenient online ordering service, getting a pair of new glasses couldn't be any easier. Just need to get your prescriptions right and your smart parcel will arrive at your doorstep in no time (see what I did there? :p)

Really wish you could look sparkly & fabulous therefore I'm giving away ONE pair of glasses with free shipping + FIVE $10 vouchers. Check out and comment down below which pair of glasses is your favourite, follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin' and you are all set. Giveaway open to you lovely readers in US and Malaysia only.

Now. Who said glasses can't be fashionable? x