Nerd Travels // A Glimpse of Berlin


Spree river, shades of Autumn at Bonatischer Garten, Berlin TV Tower, Brandenburger Gate, streetview at Kurfürstendamm and last but not least interior of Friedrichstraße station.

With little to no knowledge on what to expect in Germany, I experienced some of the best moments in my life. Not only was Berlin a beautiful city, the culture, cool vibes, art and architecture was more than breathtaking. Vivid memory of the luxurious streets, 10°C wind, shopping at &otherstories, hot coffee and warm smiles from the people at 'The Cat's Pyajama Hostel'. Bold statement but Berlin is easily my favourite city till date.

Alright. Back to wrapping up work because I'm jetting off to China tonight! Hope you're having a great week so far and thank you for reading :)