Nerd Travels // A Glimpse of Krabi .01


It was a last minute decision. But I'm glad I went for it even though knowing it would be an awkward one. Awkward. Trust me that 101% of people goes to Krabi for their honeymoon and I was on the boat with a motion sickness pill and a small straw hat to shield my sleepy face from the blazing sunshine and perhaps pda*.  I shall bare with it since the ocean was magical.


There were days I crave the shore, the sunlight, sea breeze and warm sand. There is something about the turquoise ocean and blue sky that makes me think twice upon the frowns I had and time that has been wasted. Sat on a piece of abandoned log at the leftest side of the beach. Above was a rocky cliff that stretched outwards shadowing me against the sun.

There were couples holding hands, parents chasing after their child and most of all, tourist taking selfies and posing away till the tide falls. Is it worth doing so as we miss out and let the moment slip away? I don't know.

The beauty of mother nature continues to astound me and I can't wait to explore more x A tropical getaway packing list is coming up on Friday 25th. Hope to see your beautiful faces around. There might also be a .02 of our Krabi expedition coming your way. Do stay tuned.





*public display of affection