Nerd Travels // A Glimpse of Amsterdam


"I can't tell you how happy I am, for our little infinity.."

People come and go. Sat on the bench thinking of  the people that we let go and how it relates to the fault in our stars. Letting go is painful and moving on can be tough but trust me that when you are ready to put down and depart towards the future, that's when we grow and sparkle.


If you ask me what do we recommend doing in the city,  these are a few suggestions.
. 01 Get on a boat trip along the canals. 12
. 02 Rent a bike for 24hours and go all out. 5 
. 03 Catch two trains and spare one full day at Zaanse Schans. €15

We didn't get on the guided tour because cycling up North with a map and no directions seems more fun. If  you live in Amsterdam centrum, most places are reachable by foot which is fantastic for late night breeze walk with a bottle of beer! Shopping area is just around Dam Square. Go crazy!!

Currently dreaming about the breathtaking view in Zaanse Schans, foamy cappucino and cream cheese bagel we had before leaving Netherlend.
Till then.

This post might have hibernated in my draft folder for 3 months now. It isn't about feeling uninspired to continue but because Amsterdam gave me such beautiful memories, I became so insecure about giving the wrong impression on how the capital of Netherland is. You know how anxiousness screw things up all-de-time? 

Amsterdam. The city with more bicycles than boats and more boats than cars. Where Dutch dressess more cool+casual than all the cities I've been to. Streets beautifully bricked, peaceful canals, Albert Heijn almost everywhere and Beste Frites Van Nederland with cheese toppings that made me lose my mind. Fancay. 

Nope we did not pay a visit to any of their "coffee shops" just because we didn't have the balls to. haha

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