#ootd // Tough Candyfloss

"I'm not mad at you. I just suffer from Resting Bitch Face Syndrome."


Could have worn my grey V-neck and ripped jeans fail proof uniform but since Hermes Exhibition was the first place to visit, I wanted to dress smart casual. At least look smarter. I tried.

To avoid looking too badass, I softened the look with a powder blue flowy top and waistcoat with an unexpected sheer back panel.

Was reluctant but it would be more embarrassing if security were to hold me back, keep my ID and ask if I smoke weed. hahaha!

Good news, they let me through.


We spent a good few hours in Gardens by The Bay at night. Evidenced the 1st snowfall in my life (it was soap) and sang along Christmas Carols. More like being the back up singers of Michael Buble and Mariah Carey. We were very loud. No shame.

Hope you are having a great week so far people. Happy Friday Beautiful!