If I were a princess

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Have you ever imagined waking up in a castle? Bell chimes moving in the wind, garden full of pastel blooms and royal afternoon tea with Vera Wang tableware. If you grew up watching Disney movies, you'll know what I'm saying. Telling a kid princess doesn't exist is like telling a woman there is no such thing as a good man & Nordstrom sales.

If I were a princess, I'd be the sassy bad ass one who goes against the accustomed perception that princesses must be like Cinderella or Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. What's her name again??

For the day, I'd wear a simple cocktail dress with converse, fries socks, rucksack and some Dior sunnies. When you can't have too much carbs intake, wear them on your feet. For the night, I'd go with an elegant floor length gown with a sexy up-do just in case prince charming decides to show up at the ball. Go a size up in the shoe department for some glass slipper drama when it's 12am. *wink*

This ethereal piece on the right is a stunning number. Cooler tones might not put you in the center of attention but it's a low-key colour, classy enough to be a princess for the night and an angel like in the eyes of Mr. Prince Charming.

Check out promtimes.co.uk for UK prom dresses under ‎£100 and let us know if you've found your perfect princess ensemble.

For someone who doesn't fancy too much embellishments, colors and girly frills, deciding on what to wear to black tie occasions can be quite tricky. Found this simple black dress with minimal tulle (sold out! similar) and a stunning Ivory tulle dress below ‎£100.

I shall stop babbling on the fantasy of being a royal princess and the what ifs. But if you could be a princess for a full 24 hour day,  what would you wear?

Beautiful dresses made me believe in fairy tales..