IT was just little over a year ago where my appreciation and love towards lingerie escalated. As a woman with shy (not so apparent) curves, I have always been generous with lingerie and 'under-business'. Society could see it the other way because FRANKLY speaking what is there to support. AS a 25-year-old, I clearly understand what role a bra plays in a woman's life. Investing in lingerie is my version of boosting self-confidence and value just like wearing an understated power suit. 

STAYING in has become a favorite activity since joining the quarter-life bandwagon. An ideal evening now involves a bottle of red wine and latest movie on Netflix. Cozy up with a special someone underneath our fleece blanket wearing my favorite lingerie and soft cotton T draping over for comfort is what I perceive to be more valuable than a night out in town. Not sure what's sexier. THE fact that I have a lace panty on or the powerful yet sensual energy that we've created. 

Growing into womanhood made me rethink self-appreciation and sense of self-value.
Put on your favorite lingerie. Rule your world and don't hold back.
Here I am, trying to be a woman with FIERY HOT personality in her tuxedo pants.
My future husband better be prepared for me walking around the house with lace panties on.
Here are some really good intimates that can sauce up your day.
Till then, stay powerful & sexy.