The Tool

Before Estee Lalonde mentioned the wringer in one of her non-beauty favourites, I've always seen it as a wrinkly crisps maker that looks like a rat trap. Haven't tried 'wringing' potato slices or dough balls but I can totally do it for you, if you will. 

Have I mentioned the reason I bought the $5 gadget? My Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask was on it's last leg and using the end of my hairbrush to 'puuush' out stubborn mask paste didn't seem like a sustainable plan. Nuff said.

Life changing? Close enough. So far I've wringed my tube masks, toothpaste and possibly the ketchup tube in mum's kitchen. It's addictive people!! You have been warned. What's not good about using everything to the last bit?

On another note, Aesop and Antipodes have been my go to when it comes to natural, cruelty-free and vegetarian friendly products. Sustainable beauty should be given more attention and I'm glad they've done me great so far. Anyways,  I'm spotting a wasabi tube in the refrigerator. Sorry mum.

Found 'The Tool' on ebay. Let me know if you have a secret tool in your stash!!