Survival Kit : Sweater


how many is too many? we have 8 for the upcoming fall & winter. kinda guilty. kinda not. we are all sorted from monday to sunday with help from


With the objective to not freeze our toosh in the upcoming winter, we've drawn down to 8 key sweaters that'll bring us through every occasion from bed to business table and kitchen floor to dance floor. I prefer slightly fitted sweaters that sits on the body yet stretchy enough for an extra layer right under. If you can't tell, I love a good sleeve detail. Tip: Well fitted sweater with sleeve details that hugs nicely and goes slightly beyond the wrist area makes you look slimmer. They'll look amazing under coats too. A shy peak of what you're wearing under.

Several factors we took into considerations whilst building this sweater block. Firstly, they must go with all the coats that I own because I have color OCD (self-proclaimed) where any outfits with a combination of more than 3 colours make me anxious. Secondly, they can't be all black because wearing an all-black outfit in the winter will make me look miserable. Lastly, they must look polish enough for work. No offence but sweaters have a cosier look and doesn't look the most professional at work (especially over-sized & chunkier ones).

Step 3: Pattern/Texture. Went for classic stripes (who doesn't love a good stripe top?!) and a fluffy number solely because this toughie needs some cutesy in her life. Have you seen my fried egg PJs? love.

Step 4: Wild card. I'd go for a sheer or ripped jumper, but the weather is freezing here I'd be sucking up my own stupid decision. Therefore, this adorable over-sized sweater with hearts printed on the elbow. 

Step 1: Base colours. We have 4 coats in total: black, navy, grey and beige. Bottoms we have are in the same colour family so it made sense to have these colours as our basic blocks. Here's a guide on finding your right colour.

Step 2: Fun colours. That'll be mustard and white. Mustard compliments my wardrobe and complexion perfectly whilst white works great to break up dull pieces. Already picturing myself wearing the navy coat, white sweater and navy jeans with patent platforms. werk it.


We love pairing fitted knit with a pair of high-waisted denim and smart shoes.

Thinking of getting this green cropped knit sweater because we have a gorgeous olive bomber that would look sexy over it. Alright, we shall go grab a hot drink because it's freezing. In the meanwhile, there are ladies sweaters online to get you started. Hopefully this article gave you inspiration on various cute sweaters how to start the sweaty-fundamental.


Mini Knit

Lush Bubble Bar in Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
 A strong burst of Patchouli dream. The spicy and claming scent reminded me of my 1st ever trip to London.
Beautiful throwback.

"And we almost, we almost knew what love was. But almost is never enough." -Ariana Grande-

Was hesitant to pack this dress as I felt intimidated drawing that much attention to the bottom region. I am a ball of confidence in real life but when it comes to challenging the hemline, its a different story. Told my friend how awkward I felt wearing something this mini. If you were to ask why I bought this dress in the first place, its because I couldn't try it on in store and wasn't really expecting it to be this short. By short I mean 2 inches below my arse. Traveling means spending time away from the home country therefore I decided to rock my mini dress with some tights.
At least no one recognizes me even if I accidentally expose my bottom. Fashion faux pax alert. 
Threw on a biker jacket, navy camera bag, dapped on a red lip and called it a day. It was a first day out in Japan so we couldn't be bothered fussing about what to wear!  

Autumn is definitely the best season to play around with layers and textures. What do you think? x

.01 Bangkok dress [similar]  .02  Pimkie faux leather jacket  .03  Zalora bag