How To Spice Up Your Bali Itinerary On Your First Visit

Good news!

 Now is the best time to travel to Bali, Indonesia. You probably would have heard of 101 things that need to be on your to-do list. When planning your trip to Bali, the toughest would be to decide on the beefy part of your trip that you don't want to miss. Travel plans aside, I suggest splashing a couple more dollars to stay in one of those stunning Bali villas. Never imagined myself saying this but I've made mistakes twice the time we were in Bali. Twice. First place was too modern and it felt like we were in Singapore; Second was way too secluded so we ended up travelling a few hours extra everyday. Bali traffic wasn't fun either. Do decide on your travel timeframe and budget before we dive in. [Recent post: Travelling on a budget]


Hot Spots


> Visiting Kuta & Legian - it is one of the most tourist-heavy areas (which I'm not so much of a fan of) but this is where you get to experience the city's famous nightlife. 

> Seminyak – NEIGHBORING Kuta but with a pinch more GLAMOROUS. find good shopping, world class dining and 'the' beach for one of the most memorable sunset I've seen in South East Asia.

> Ubud – the cultural corner of Bali where you can experience Bali moving at a slower pace. make sure to visit tegalalang Rice Field!

> Uluwatu – Just south of Jimbaran, you can discover more beaches and sacred temples.

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We all need a break from life once in a while. Not that we hate what we're doing, but being in a different side of the world puts us into new perspectives. We have travel plans planned up to end of 2018 already! I won't say that travelling is the only reason I do what I do but I can say that travelling encourages me to do better everyday. We won't be visiting Indonesia this year (just Thailand and Vietnam), however these are a few of the popular destinations that tourist should discover based on our personal experience. Happy vacation :)


Places To Visit In Bali

Pura Tirta Empul


Opening Hours . 07:00 - 17:00
Entrance Fee . IDR 30,000 [approx US$2.5]

Tanah Lot



If you
truly love nature, 
you will
find beauty everywhere.

- Vincent Van Gogh -

Entrance Fee . IDR 60,000 [approx US$4.5]

Time flew by just like that.
Bottle of chilled beer on the left.
Corn on the cob on my right.
Listening to rebellious waves pushing towards the shore.
Salty sea breeze messed up our hair.
Just like how our hearts tangled on the inside.
Two blessed hearts interlocked.
Eyes gazed upon the golden grace.

Barong & Kris


Entrance Fee . IDR 100,000 [approx US$7.5]



Coffee Tasting



Oh Yes. It's Free.


No entrance fee required.
Free walk-through tour.
Eight (8) variations of coffee including Balinese coffee.
Six (6) variations of juices.
One (1) piece of deep-fried banana.


If you'd love to try Kopi Luwak, order as you desire [IDR 50,000 approx US$4] and freshly brewed Kopi Luwak will be served in no time. It was intriguing to go through the entire journey from how luwak farmers fed the "luwak" to how coffee beans were processed up till when the cup of coffee was made. Absolutely fun to experience and taste the world's most expensive coffee at the farm itself! Our favourite would be peanut coffee and "Kopi Luwak" with a teaspoon of coconut sugar. Highly recommended.

We hope you've gotten some inspiration on where to visit in dear old Bali <3