Inspirational Monday

"Keep Your Eyes on The Stars, and Your Feet on The Ground"
- Theodore Roosevelt -
My roots have been bugging me so badly.
Thank goodness for the hair appointment last weekend.
Well-groomed hair and nails are the smallest things that uplifts and empowers me from within.
Personally, I realize it's the psychology factor that fires up my energy.
Ladies, am I alone on this?
Currently on our way to Bali x

Inspirational Monday

Waste my gas, I'll fill up.
Waste my money, I'll work. 
Waste my food, I'll go grocery shopping. 
But DON'T waste my time, I can't get that back.

The Bomber Factor

. SheIn Bomber .  Michael Kors Watch [similar] . Vans Sneakers [similar] .

.Inner badass Unleashed.

"Found 1000 other blogger dudes styling them in a hundred different ways. Perhaps it's time for us ladies to take over the trend." - nerd -

They said it's sexy to wear your man's clothes. Haven't identified who my man is but I'm all about the understated sexiness too.
I've always loved a good fusion of tough yet feminine pieces, bringing out a woman's masculine side without losing her true identity.
Let it be a sleeveless blazer, denim shirt or structured bag. There is something special about incorporating stronger accents into an outfit.
I've been on a hunt for the perfect Bomber but none suited my smaller frame especially around the shoulder area.
This FABULOUS Bomber Jacket from Shein came to no surprise. Here's what I like about this Bomber Jacket:

. Well Crafted
. Sits Above the Bum
. Puffy Enough
. Beautiful Fabric
and comes in 3 gorgeous shades. Winner.

Went for this saucy Olive Green because I was told by Gigi Hadid that "Military Style "is going to be a hit this 2017 .
Can't wait to wear this to the airport and anywhere that sells coffee and doughnut.
Weekend uniform sorted. 
Have you tried the Bomber Jacket? How do you pair it with?

NOTE: Wanted to hide the mark on my thigh but since it's a mosquito bite from my recent vacation, please excuse whilst I keep it there for memory sake.