Am I the only one who has spelling difficulties when it comes to the word 'Jewellery'?

This could possibly be the smallest jewellery box ever.


Being a 24 year old, I've gone through several stages of life from a teenager to a young adult and now as a partially matured woman.
No doubt the same goes to my accessory collection. From chunky bib necklaces to loud earrings & statement rings to classic studs.
Since going into my 20s, I've started paying attention on wearing jewellery pieces that I love and has a meaning to it.
These are all that I have.
Not necessarily a large one but each piece has an underlying story and matters a lot as I grow into adulthood.
My favourite out of all would have to be the Classic Chanel in Gunmetal Grey. [similar]
Love the combination of Chanel's iconic CC with an unexpected fierce hardware.
Just like the woman I strive to be. Classic and Fierce.
Bought it from my 1st ever trip to the city of love - PARIS.
This pair symbolizes the first step taken towards my dream of being a globetrotter.
Since then, I've started to believe that its the value behind every jewellery piece that brings out the best of a woman.
I'll continue to build and collect jewellery as a representation of each step forward.
If you are interested in shopping for vintage jewellery that has value, check out invaluable's jewellery section.
Thank you for reading! x