Life Update

Living life on a rainbow recently.
Career change and work challenge makes me excited.
Everything outside my comfort zone is making me high.
Don't be fooled by the monochromatic picture and I'm not on drugs. haha!

Subconsciously juggling work and studies like a clown. 
This final module is way tougher than I've expected! Journey to Masters graduation seems bumpy.
Totally beaten down by my not-good-enough English literacy (#sarcasm) with understanding on all reading material like a 3-year-old.
Everything worsens when Baidu translate decides to tell you that 'Emancipator Rhetoric' is Italian, with the meaning of Chicken Rice in Bean Paste.
You know life is good. Joke aside, 解放的修辞 still doesn't make sense. Baidu translate failed my entire August.
Fingers crossed for a better September.
Stocking up on coffee mix and warm cuddles before heading back to Hunan! :)