Off Duty



09:00  Wake Up
09:30  Breakfast
10:00  Blogwork [Content] + Emails
11:30  Office Work
12:30  Get Ready
13:00  Lunch
13:30  TV
15:00  Nap
15:45  Blogwork [Photos]
17:00  Blogwork
18:00  Dinner
20:00  Pamper Session
21:00  Get Ready
22:00  TV
22:30  Bedtime

"It drives me insane everytime someone tells me they're bored and have no idea what to do" 

.01 GU top [similar here]
.02 Irada shorts
.03 Something Borrowed trench [similar here]
.04 Ebay choker [only $1!!]
.05 Larsson & Jennings watch

It is weird how taking pictures in public (fictitiously giggling I mean) becomes less awkward by experience.
Running back and forth from the camera stand has evolved into a lifetime skill.
By the time I stopped taking pictures, rain started pouring and hair started getting frizzy.
Went to the salon after dinner for a quick blowdry. True life of a girlboss wannabe.
It's part and parcel living in a foreign land.
We try our best to see the good in everything only because being picky and fussy makes life more difficult when it already is. 
Hope your week is going strong.
Heading back to Malaysia later and it's exactly when the hiatus begins.
Eggcited!! x