Style Transition

"If we could draw down to one accessory that tells the most about a person, it'll be their shoes."

Just a little 5 years ago when I was still a student in University, I was a style chameleon whom evolved from cartoon t-shirt and jeans to vintage enthusiast where everything had to be high waist-ed, covered with tiny floral prints and made of crotchet at some point. Moving towards the end of my university years, I started getting into the more masculine look by incorporating over-sized bags, darker colours and denim but not losing the feminine side of me.

I was a shoe advocate and everyone who knows me in person would know that I used to wear different shoes to University daily, note, only shoes that are 4" and above. Nothing below that. Yup I was extremely ballsy to set such 'comfort zone' (not literally). Just like my style, what I chose to put on my feet transitioned from cute ballet pumps to straw wedges, leopard print shoes, converse, vans and now sexy stilettos heels. My 25-year-old obsession.

However, it's way passed the 4" rule because I couldn't be bothered with blisters and tripping over poorly maintained tiles. Chasing after the postman and running around with a laptop bag became a favorite. Realistically, how do women do that? Teach me darling. Ironically, there are a few pairs in my wardrobe for just in case moments. Just in case someone charming decides to treat me coffee. Just in case Tom Hiddleston decides to walk me back after work.

You know, just in case.







If I could only own 4 pairs of shoes, it'll be these. Excluding sneakers for sure because those are life essentials to me. 80% of my time are spent away from the office snoozing around the manufacturing plant talking to people, which explains why my Nike needs to be replaced annually. Depending on the job assigned, I'd bring along a pair of low heels (or chunky ones) for when we were expecting office meetings and post-work dinners.

Every woman runs a different lifestyle. You could be an artist in the creative industry, a tax associate in the corporate or an event planner. There is no hard and fast rule saying that a person must have a fixed number of shoes with a certain shoe style. It is true that shoes should reflect our personality also to adapt to our individual lifestyles.

It is apparent that my style has matured since going into the corporate world. Having set my career goals and what I want to achieve soon, fussing over shoe matters is out of the game. The switch in priorities positively impacted my style. I've gone passed impractical shoes and moved on towards modest pieces that are muted yet packs a punch. Currently on the hunt for a patterned pair that doesn't grab too much attention however fun enough to be worn at the age of 25. What do you think?