.01 Travels

Currently at the 3rd phase of Back-to-Back travels.
A 4th phase coming up real soon and I'm not at all complaining!
Expecting a getaway to somewhere tropical and hair caressed by salty wind.
Our recent trip to Taipei was magnificent. Gorgeous food and the weather was beyond perfect. Took some really good shots of the city from my eyes.

The more I travel, the more I enjoy the art of packing light. Packed everything in a carry on but plan changed because I had to lug my laptop along for work and assignment, otherwise a carry on would suffice. By the way, how gorgeous does this skirt looks? I'm in love. Outfit post coming up real soon.

.02 Work

Work schedule gets back on track.
May or may not sound like a nut head but trust me, having a schedule packed with things to do and places to go fuels my soul. I have a feeling the 2nd half of year 2017 would be lunatic. Can't wait.


.03 Life

Slacking on exercising for the past 2 months didn't do my body any good. Not that I've gained weight but I feel like my body isn't as strong as before. Posture starts to get slouchy and most parts of my body feels flabby. Committed to make a change. We shall see.


That's all for now.
Lunch break is over and I have a meeting coming up in 30 minutes.
Can you believe it's May already?
Someone please stop the clock from ticking! x



ngày lễ = VACATION

IF you are planning for a short getaway to somewhere within the South East Asia region and also bank account friendly, I'd say go to Vietnam for a fuss proof holiday destination. 

WE felt it was time to head back to Vietnam so we booked ourselves a 5 days trip to Saigon. The whole trip [Flight + Hotel] cost approximately RM850/person. Haven't shared anything on our recent trip to Vietnam but be assured that it's coming your way.

ASIDE from being coffee tipsy, we did put some effort on how we dressed. Not being a self-proclaimed professional but deciding on what to wear on a holiday can be strategically challenging. Make the smart move and you'll "POP" in every single picture taken. Since its VIETNAM, I played with muted tones, tribal prints, beachy hair and fun footwear. doyoufeelthosepomspoms. 

QUICK TIPs before packing:
.01 Do some research on the destination. What colour scheme and tone most of the landmarks are.
.02 Explore google image to get an idea on the cultural aspect of your destination.
.03 Visit fashion websites for holiday outfit inspirations and style ideas. [StyleWe is a great one to check out!]
.04 Search latest hashtags on Instagram for updates or a glance on the real-life situation.
Aside from rolling our clothes and packing travel sized toiletries, there is more to learn when it comes to packing smart.
These are our vacation essentials:
. Kimono . Bikini . Shorts . Hat . Sunnies . Sandals .
Just if you're wondering why is that black pair of loafers in the mix, I've never travelled anywhere without a pair of statement kicks.
Airport essential. Checked!!