How To Style . Grey T

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GREY T is one of the most versatile piece a women/men could ever own. Wear it to bed and jump up at the very last minute savouring every tick of the clock. Put on a pair of go-to jeans, smart looking shoes, flip our hair in the air and look like we've tried. Perfect chic uniform for working adults out there. Only if  a GREY  V neck sounds as professional as being enveloped in a suit. I digress.

STYLIST emphasizes on investing in a well-made T shirt as a wardrobe staple but to be honest cotton will loose it's shape throughout time and my F21 has been doing me pretty well. Not sure if I'd snack on banana peel and give up on my staycation at Bangkok for a T shirt. Priorities.

.01 Bailey Nelson glasses 
.02 Zalora slingbacks
.03 Forever 21 t-shirt
.04 Pull n Bear jeans
.05 Larsson & Jennings watch

.06 Aesop parsley seed facial cleanser

How do you style yours? x